My path to skincare was an unusual one.

I grew up in a very health conscious household so the principles of wellness are deep rooted ones. My foray into my career in health and wellness actually began early on. I studied nutrition in college,  graduated from law school for Health Law and received my masters in Health Policy. Definitely did my reading! Not exactly a direct path to the beauty counter but this experience was invaluable to where I am now. 

I began working with scientists researching the connection between nutrition and disease. Which brought me to the question: since we finally have a good understanding of how our body utilizes nutrients and how this manifests into healthy states, how can we translate these concepts into our skincare? We are feeding our bodies for wellness,
so why aren’t we doing the same for our skin? 

That’s when I came up with my concept of skincare based on the principles of nutritional science. I wanted to change the landscape of conventional skincare. It’s thought that we are on this path of aging, moving linearly to worse skin. It’s actually a circular cycle since our skin is constantly renewing. With the right care you can actually have better skin when you are older than when you were younger with my method.

This is skincare reimagined.  I hope you enjoy!

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