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From Health Sciences to the Beauty Counter

Growing up in an academic household, I basically “tunnel visioned” my way through undergraduate and grad school.
I was always surrounded by my mother’s nutrition and wellness books growing up so this focus was a natural fit for me.
I took every Nutrition class available in my undergraduate studies, and loved every moment of it. I decided to pursue a Health Law Degree post graduation, so that I could work in Health Policy and apply my nutritional background to the healthcare world.

I always found the idea that we are healing machines to be fascinating. Modern day medicine is focused on quick fixes and, for the most part, ignores the body and its own ability to heal itself. These quick fixes often involve medicine full of chemicals which can create havoc on the body and still not ever get to the root of the disease. Functional medicine looks at nutrition, the environment and the whole person in its approach to healing.  To me, this is imperative.

So when I was introduced in 2011 to “outside the box” skincare formulators, I was immediately hooked.  Imagine being able to heal the skin (your biggest organ!) through nutritional remedies? This was also the first time I realized how many skincare preparations out there not only contained chemicals, but like many processed foods, did not even possess anything good for you or to help your skin to heal itself. This was my lightbulb moment.  

This indirect path led me to create a skincare line Powered by Nutritional Science. I wanted to change the landscape of traditional skincare. Skin cells are constantly renewing – by tapping into this renewal (healing) process, and with the correct nutrient complexes, you can actually achieve better skin now than you had in your youth.  

This is skincare reimagined.  I hope you enjoy!

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