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5 Steps On The Go Essential Travel Kit


We’ve got healthy, glowing skin  ON THE GO!

Our 5 Steps On-The-GO Kit is our travel friendly solution to skincare!

It’s also a great introduction to Kat’s Essential Radiance collection if you’re new to the brand and want to give it a try!

Kit includes:



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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 17.78 × 6.35 × 12.7 cm

6 reviews for 5 Steps On The Go Essential Travel Kit

  1. Rochelle

    Love the 5 step program….. my skin ha never looked better!

  2. Ali

    Clean Ingredients
    The quality of the ingredients and the results make this my go to brand. After I used the 5 step process, which is a good deal in their intro package, I knew my highly sensitive skin had found its favorite products.

  3. Pamela

    Essential Radiance
    I purchased the 5 step travel kit as an introduction to the Kat Burki brand. The gel cleanser is so gentle and doesn’t dry out my sensitive skin. The elixir feels light and nourishing, and the essence is smoothing and protecting. The Vitamin C cream and radiance oil keep my skin clear and bright and perfectly moisturized. The products work so beautifully together. I purchased full sized versions of each product and my skin is glowing– at age 55!

  4. Claire Saoud

    Amazing Products
    I have been using So many of Kat’s products and have not Found any that I don’t love ! The first ingredient in most products elsewhere is water , not Kat Burki’s Products !!! She is my go to line for skin care !

  5. Ann Goodstein

    Extremely satisfied customer
    I was first introduced to this line through a sample of the hand cream and then the vitamin. C moisturizer. Both products exceeded my expectations. Then I purchased the $100 sampler pack and the gentle cleanser to try all the products and I have noticed a significant improvement in my skin. My perioral dermatitis cleared in a week without using any topical steroids. I have used numerous luxury brands, La Mer, Sisley, Eve Lom, to name a few.; but none of them left my skin looking as fresh as this line. I plan to try other products in the line and will definitely be spreading the word to my friends.

  6. Marie M

    I am more than excited to review this wonderful set. This company has made skincare so easy and time efficient. Yes, everything you need are in these five simple steps on the go. I started off with the cleanser which doesn’t strip or dry out your face. Next, onto the elixir which comes in a convenient spritz bottle. I applied a few spritzes, patted it in and my skin felt refreshed afterwards. I reached for the enzyme essence which I only needed a dime size portion to apply to my face. Now, the moisturizer, silky and creamy in texture which glided on my skin. Last, I finished with a few drops of the radiance oil . I want a whole bottle of that oil. It gave my face such a beautiful finishing glow and I loved the scent of it. I received so many compliments at work.

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