KB5 Calming Gel Cleanser


4.4 oz

Step No. 1 In The Kat Burki 5 Essential Steps For Healthy Skin.

A skin balancing gel cleanser, infused with a restorative KB5™ Complex, offers an unparalleled cleansing performance with a blend of over 92 skin invigorating Ocean Minerals. Its gel texture transforms into a gentle yet effective lather dissolving makeup, impurities and excess oil without compromising the skin’s protective barrier.
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For AM/PM use. Use as your first cleanse. Gently massage onto face and neck for 60 seconds. Can be used on wet or dry skin. Rinse clean with water or warm washcloth. Follow with the Vitamin C Nourishing Cleansing Balm as a second cleanse in the Kat Burki 5 steps to essential radiance regime.


• Removes impurities and makeup
• Removes excess oil without irritation or dryness
• Brightens skin
• Restores softness and Protects skin’s barrier (retains moisture)
• Soothing (suitable for sensitive skin)
• Formulated WITHOUT: Parabens, Synthetic Dyes, Synthetic Fragrances, Gluten, Sulfates, Petrolatum and Mineral Oils


Normal, Combination and Sensitive Skin.

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Weight 0.12 oz
Dimensions 3.81 × 3.81 × 16.1925 cm

7 reviews for KB5 Calming Gel Cleanser

  1. Susan

    It’s an OK cleanser for my combination skin. It doesn’t feel harsh, but it burns my eyes something terrible. I’ve got a whole tube that isn’t going to be used. 🙁

  2. Omaina65

    I love using the Face Wash in the shower. I massage my face with it as my little daily ritual. It leaves my skin glowing and crisply clean, and doesn’t bother my eyes either.

  3. Tosca107

    I really like the texture of this gel cleanser, which foams on application and leaves my skin feeling clean, balanced and refreshed. I found it a good preparation for following treatments of my combination skin. I would however, think that it is most useful for combination or oily skins as it does appear to dry the complexion.

  4. Zkhan

    I’ve been repurchasing this cleanser since I received it as a sample. This cleanser makes my skin feel very clean but without it feeling stripped. Since using this cleanser my skin has reacted very positively. I used to suffer from perioral dermatitis and I think this helped majorly. The ingredients in this cleanser are wonderful. The tube lasts for ages which is good seeing as it isn’t the cheapest face wash. Yes, if you open your eyes mid-washing your face, your eyes will sting, just keep them closed and let the cleanser work its magic.

  5. Hayden S.

    5 star cleanser but 4 stars for the price. For a product you have to use twice a day it is a bit pricey, but this cleanser gets the job done and is gentle to the skin. I love how the product works and how it doesn’t irritate my combination skin.

  6. Alisandra

    Great scent, Love the ingredients! It cleanses the skin and leaves it soft and smooth. It is affordable and great for oily skin as well as other skin types!

  7. Vicky L.

    This cleanser is the secret of my clean, healthy skin. It’s so soft and natural, I’ll recommend to all kinds of skin.

  8. melanieB

    Hi All, funny, I am not one to leave reviews but I felt compelled to leave one on the ocean mineral face wash. My skin usually feels striped and unhealthy after most facial cleansers. This one, leaves my skin feeling very fresh and healthy. I apply face cream immediately because I like to take advantage of the clean invigorated skin after using the wash.
    I highly recommend this product – I first found this in April and have used it ever since – once I am in love, it’s hard for another product to take its place, and for this one, impossible.

  9. Kathy Marine

    “Love the smell!
    Love the feel!
    Love my face after using it!”

  10. Emily89

    This product is more than a face wash. After using it, my skin feels not only perfectly clean but also hydrated. Love it!

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Rich in
KB5TM Complex (Gotu Kola, Arnica, Calendula, Lavender & Chamomile) Plant saponin (Antibacterial Agent) Essential Oils Vitamin A Bisabolol (Anti-irritant) Supports skin’s elasticity Helps stimulate collagen production Helps increase microcirculation Antibacterial, Anti-inflammatory Strengthens capillary walls Skin elasticity is improved Glowing Complexion
Ocean Mineral Complex (OMC92) Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium (Blend of 92+ Ocean Minerals) Activates enzymes necessary for proper cellular function Strengthens skin structure Skin readily accepts re-mineralizing and restorative properties
Rose Hip Seed Oil, Orange Peel Tincture & Grapefruit Seeds Vitamin C Brightens skin Decreases hyper-pigmentation Skin feels soft and dewy
Tea Tree Oil Antiseptic and Antibacterial Healing Skin is clearer
Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) Oxygen Sulfur Compound Skin cells become more permeable Skin is absorbent and receptive to plumping and hydration
Ships 12/15/2018

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