Kat Burki favorites in easy to pack travel sizes whether your trip is to the gym or
jet-setting across the world, we have your travel essentials covered. 

  • Retin-C Treatment Complex 15ml green bottle silver cap

    Retin-C Treatment Complex 15ml


    Put the ultimate Super Nutrient Complex, Vitamin C (STAY C) and Rovisome (less abrasive, more effective form of Retinol) to work for you! Vitamin C has been proven to increase Retinol’s efficacy while making it that much more stable. STAY C, a potent antioxidant not only known for its instant radiance capabilities but has also…

  • Vital Hydration Face Mask 1oz

    Vital Hydration Face Mask 1oz


    1 oz The Complete B Repair Vital Hydration Face Mask is specifically formulated for dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin. This creamy mask utilizes a potent pro B vitamin complex as well as strengthening neuropeptides to combat dehydrated lackluster skin. Powerful for day time use, this mask also can be used as a superb night mask…

  • Hand Therapy 1oz

    Hand Therapy 1oz


    1 oz An ultra hydrating vitamin-enriched hand cream, designed to address weathered, damaged skin, keeps hands soft, smooth and youthful looking. Nourishing Cold Processed Oils and a potent KB5™ Complex (Arnica, Gotu Kola, Lavender, Calendula, Chamomile) replenishes hydration and helps improve the visible signs of aging. Massage into hands until fully absorbed. Apply as needed.