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Kat Burki leveraged her education and training by applying cutting-edge nutritional science pioneering the first certified method of Cold-Processing Technology to ensure the potency of “super-ingredient” combinations she infused into Kat Burki skincare products were not degraded by high heat.

Kat Burki products are dense in super nutrient complexes including our trademarked KB5 Complex. As an Anti-Inflammatory base, this blend also promotes, improves and supports skin’s elasticity, helping stimulate collagen production, and increase microcirculation, while working as an antibacterial and strengthening capillary walls.

Our cult favorite, Kat Burki Vitamin C Intensive Face Cream is the perfect remedy and entre into the Kat Burki anti-aging and brightening skincare system. Rose Hip Revitalizing Serum is an antioxidant powerhouse. Form Control Marine Collagen Gel instantly fills fine lines and wrinkles. Our Restorative Dual Acid Peel reduces pore size and repairs damaged skin.

Co-Factoring, Vitamin Therapy, Powerful Antioxidants and Cell-Communicating vital ingredients including KB5 Complex, Vitamin C rich Rosehip Seed Oil, Vitamin B, Neuropeptides, Plant Stem Cells and Silk Amino Acids are intelligently combined to create nutrient dense super formulations with MAXIMUM EFFICACY and everlasting Advanced Anti-Aging benefits.