• KAT BURKI ph_enzyme_essence



    3.4 oz Step No. 3 In The Kat Burki 5 Essential Steps For Healthy Skin. STEP 3: OPTIMIZE PH Rarely addressed, our skin is best (and looks best) when its ph (potential hydrogen) level is mid-level to acidic - alkaline ratio, 0 (most acidic) to 14 (most alkaline). The skin’s barrier (acid mantle) is responsible…

  • Retin-C_Treatment_Complex

    Retin-C Treatment Complex


    Put the ultimate Super Nutrient Complex, 7% Vitamin C (STAY C) and 2.5% Rovisome (less abrasive, more effective form of Retinol) to work for you! Vitamin C has been proven to increase Retinol’s efficacy while making it that much more stable. STAY C, a potent antioxidant not only provides maximum radiance but helps the skin…

  • KAT BURKI Vitamin-C-Intensive-Face-Cream

    Vitamin C Intensive Face Cream


    1.7 oz Step No. 4 In The Kat Burki 5 Essential Steps For Healthy Skin. STEP 4: MOISTURIZE The Cult Favorite, Vitamin C Intensive Face Cream provides deep nourishment to the skin, specifically developed to meet the needs of lackluster complexion and to protect the skin from environmental toxins. At the heart of the formula…

  • KAT BURKI complete_b_Illume_Brightening_Serum

    Complete b Illume Brightening Serum


    1.0 oz The phenomenal penetration of the chirally correct and other known skin brighteners in this product make photo damage and aging skin a thing of the past. Proper penetration is the key, and the inconsequential epidermis is not what needs attention. The dermal level is what needs to be addressed as miniscule scar tissue…

  • KAT BURKI rose-hip-intense-recovery-eye-serum

    Rose Hip Intense Recovery Eye Serum


    0.5 oz Proven to energize the delicate eye area, this hydrating lightweight serum reawakens your eyes. Powered by the strengthening antioxidants of Rose Hip coupled with Vitamin C, DMAE and Retinol, this fast-penetrating formula reduces the look of all visible signs of aging: puffiness, dark circles, uneven skin tone, dryness and fine lines.    





Kat Burki’s revolutionary approach to skincare stems from her early disciplined training in Nutrition. Her passion for health and wellness led her to a Health Law degree and a Masters in Health Policy, ultimately joining scientists and epidemiologists researching regional diseases around the globe and their link to nutrition.

Understanding the connection between skincare and healthcare, Kat was inspired to create her eponymous beauty brand. Kat Burki products represent pioneering skincare POWERED BY CUTTING-EDGE NUTRITIONAL SCIENCE, delivering the most effective, instant-impact formulations for youthful, healthy skin.

There are three defining techniques used in each formulation with the sole purpose of achieving maximum efficacy and advanced anti-aging benefits
• Intelligent ingredient combining produces SUPER NUTRIENT COMPLEXES™
• All formulas are pharmaceutically COMPOUNDED (no fillers, no water, no alcohol)
• COLD PROCESSING technology ensures all ingredients retain maximal effectiveness

Every ingredient has a purpose. Every product is dense in nutrients. Our trademarked KB5 Complex functions as an anti-inflammatory base. This powerhouse also helps stimulate collagen production, increases microcirculation, strengthens capillary walls and works as an anti-bacterial.

For youthful, healthy looking skin, the Kat Burki Essential Radiance Collection provides the 5 essential steps, including the cult favorite, Vitamin C Intensive Face Cream that has earned a reputation as the “secret to everyone’s glow”.

Kat Burki is always at the forefront of innovation with recent launches such as Bio-Correcting Face Crème – America’s first pressed serum, PH+ Enzyme Essence and the newest introduction, Retin-C Treatment Complex. We invite you to discover the Kat Burki difference.