About us

A lifelong advocate for wellness and beauty, Kat Burki is a multi-award winning influencer recognized for innovation and formulating distinctive formulas applying advanced nutritional scientific concepts creating, one-of- a-kind luxury.

Her education in nutrition and healthcare law, led Kat into a career as a Healthcare Attorney joining scientist and epidemiologists researching the rise of environmental and food related diseases. This training led to a deeper understanding of how our bodies rely on and utilize vital nutrients. Kat formulates Super Nutrient Complexes based on applied nutritional sciences by intelligently aligning ingredients that once combined heighten each ingredients efficacy creating “super ingredients” with maximum potency.

The intelligently aligned Super Nutrient Complexes are pharmaceutically compounded, devoid of unnecessary and harmful fillers, including water, alcohol and dimethicone. Passion-driven and determined to change the landscape of conventional skincare, Kat spearheaded a certified method of Cold-Processing that transcends ordinary production processes to ensure the formulated super nutrient complexes retain the highest level of efficacy – fulfilling the brand’s larger mission to help you discover your skin’s true potential.

The brand launched in Henri Bendel, NYC in 2013 to record-breaking results and critical acclaim. The brand then expanded into Nordstrom and Space NK US where sales have grown over 400% annually. The brand expanded Internationally in 2015 and continued to do so throughout 2016. The brand launched into the U.K. with 50 Space NK stores and into Canada with Murale in 2015. Sales tripled in 2016, and is the number one skincare brand in its current retail outlets. In 2017, Kat Burki launched six additional countries – Russia, Singapore, Israel, Germany, Guatemala and Italy.  Current retail outlets exceed all expectations with new doors and geographies scheduled throughout 2017 into 2018.

The Kat Burki line is the preferred line of the many of the world’s most famous makeup artists, models and celebrities. The brand has significant press coverage and rave reviews across all continents. The Kat Burki Vitamin C Intensive Face Cream continues to be the number one selling sku within the range and in the skincare category for its retailers. The recently launched Complete B Bio Correcting Face Crème is the number one selling sku by retail dollars for the brand and its retailers.  

The Kat Burki vision is to build a modern day global prestige beauty brand over the next five years.